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301 West Court Street
Woodstock VA 22664

Gene was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in northern Virginia. "Throughout my early years my family would 'head for the mountains' almost every weekend from spring through fall. The mountains were the Blue Ridge Mountains and they still retain the same magic and beauty I felt and saw as a child.”

In 1983 Gene moved to Woodstock, Virginia in the
Shenandoah Valley where he established a studio, darkroom and gallery. "I was drawn once again to the special combination of gentleness, beauty and timelessness of Virginia's mountains and valleys. The changes of season, weather and quality of light provide an endless source of visual pleasure.”

Taylor primarily uses large format camera equipment and has always done his own darkroom work. "I'm more interested in communicating the feelings associated with what I see and experience than what a particular subject or location looks like. My personal involvement in working with the negative and creating the print is very important.”

“For the past several years I’ve been exploring the new digital age of photography, which adds many new and different possibilities. I’m now using a digital camera as well as a film camera, and making prints with an Epson archival ink printer as often as traditional darkroom prints. I’m also using a film scanner to scan film, both negatives and transparencies, into the computer before making Epson ink prints. The translucent inks and new paper surfaces give the ink prints a different quality. This can often make for a stronger image, though not always, as compared to the darkroom print.”

Taylor's color photographs combine simplicity of design with light, color and texture. “I try to unite these ingredients to produce a rhythmic harmony. Many years of color printing experience has led to a delicate use of color. I try to achieve a transcendental quality in my prints, a ‘something else’ that makes an image interesting and enduring, rather than just a pretty picture.”

Gene holds degrees in psychology from the University of Colorado and Purdue University. "I'm fascinated by the psychology of perception and the emotional effects of light and color. The camera is a great tool for enhancing perception, increasing the joy of seeing.”

If you interested in purchasing some of
Gene Taylor's Photos Call him at 540-459-2707

Tell him you found him on ShenandoahConnection.com
and to send us more sample of his GREAT work so people can see them online.

If you interested in purchasing some of
Gene Taylor's Photos Call him at 540-459-2707
Tell Gene you found him on ShenandoahConnection.com

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Shenandoah Valley Wedding Photography

High Quality Wedding Photography - Destination Wedding Photographers
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Whether you want to look like a model on location, or look like a happy bride on her wedding day, making people look great in front of the camera is what we do. One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is locating professionals that provide you with the individual attention that will capture the true beauty of your personality as a couple.

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Professional photographer, David Showalter, uses a computer equipped bucket van, the "Ville View Rig," to rise above it all and shoot stunning photos.  Showalter's photos are regularly published in an assortment of media, circulated among business professionals.  He has a tried and true system set up to provide excellent, reliable photography, for a fair price. more info

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Shenandoah National Park, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia between Front Royal and Waynesboro, is world-renowned for scenic views from its Skyline Drive and for regeneration of the primeval flora and fauna characteristic of the Appalachian Mountains. Its 306 square miles are rich in forest and wildlife and in crystal streams with cascades and waterfalls. The park rises from 600 feet above sea level beside Shenandoah River near Front Royal to 4,050 feet at the summit of Hawksbill mountain. More than fifty peaks, many with hiking trails, rise above 3,000 feet. Shenandoah National Park Chat Board

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ShenandoahArts.com gives arts people an opportunity to create income by getting eyes to look at their art works. Hopefully it will better unite the diversified Shenandoah Valley art community as well as muster up more interest in the buying of the local arts. Shenandoah Arts - Corporate Art by Commission

Shenandoah Valley Arts Forum

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\Art by Kimberly Juda

Kimberly Judy is based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Kimberly Juda specializes in oil painting and drawing.  She is available for portrait and mural commissions, and private and group art lessons.

Harrisonburg VA Art Lessons - Harrisonburg VA Murals - Shenandoah Valley Art Classes
Harrisonburg VA Artist for Hire

Corporate Art by Commission
sculpture art, portraits, reproductions and more...

Looking for an artist to commission for fine art for offices, homes designers, or the corporate sector and private collector? Call 540-984-8190

We represent a growing list of artists who love to work on a commission basis. Let us know your needs. We would be most happy to assist you in finding the right artist to work with.

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Jazz, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Swing and more.
ShenandoahMusic.coms' growing list of network musicians will perform at your home,
office, weddings, anniversaries or festivals.
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ShenandoahMusic.com thank you so very much for your musicians services at our event! Everyone loved the music and you were constantly praised. What great music!  We are so happy to have found you and thank you for putting on a great selection of music for our guests. Thank you for being so flexible, as well. You added so much to the event! Thank you again for everything. - Sarah, Charlie McBride Associates

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Featuring Music of the Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountain Music Magazine. When you advertise your Shenandoah Valley business with Americana Rhythm you help support the musical talent of the Valley in which we live.

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Featuring local and regional artists, events, venues, and related stories of interest. Americana Rhythm will bring together the richly talented local music community and provide a vehicle from which a broader audience of fans will be able to access that community, and appreciate it's talent. www.americanarhythm.com/

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We at ShenandoahMusic.com are always interested in working with the new musicians, artists and small business people, moving to the Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia and surrounding areas. We would like to help get more music venues off the ground as well.

Thinking outside the box? Or just want to help. Call ShenandoahMusic.com with ideas on
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Our Objective is to foster and encourage creative partnerships
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We are looking to promote and network with Art Groups and Cultural Art Centers
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We own and operate a number of Websites in the Shenandoah Valley and run WebPromotion.com we work across the USA connecting thousands of business professionals by forming local referral networks.

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