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Nothin' Fancy Shenandoah Valley Bluegrass

From the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, comes one of the hottest bands in the bluegrass genre, Nothin’ Fancy.  Nothin’ Fancy was formed as a bluegrass band in September of 1994 with the sole purpose of competing on the East Coast Bluegrass Championship in Crimora, Virginia. After winning their auspicious debut, they have grown in popularity, released 7 full length albums and one CD single, played the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, the Lincoln Center in New York City, and the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. They have successfully hosted their own Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival every year since 2001 in Buena Vista Virginia.

Their relentless touring schedule of over 140 dates per year has earned them one of the most loyal fan bases in all of bluegrass music. They are loved by festival-goers and bluegrass fans from the East to West Coast. The band sometimes even takes the fans, friends and family with them on bus trips to festivals. -


Buddy Wolfe Bluegrass Musician

Buddy Wolfe the Musician

As he plays the banjo, guitar, or mandolin you see the transformation from self-consciousness to absolute freedom. He has obtained that skill that so many of us desire and strive for. It is that ability to loose yourself in something wonderful. When Buddy plays everyone listening is given that ability to just be content with how things are and transfixed in the music. - Ali Cheff

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My name is Rick Harris Jr have us put on a show for you!

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Rick Harris Shenandoah Valley Music - His fingers dancing over the guitar strings, his head thrown back then bending deeply forward, eyes often shut, now one foot poised in midair, ­he feels the music. He is the music.

email me at

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Live Music Venue off I-81 in Broadway VA

Plan B Host Live Bluegrass Music in the Shenandoah Valley Every Sat. Night.

Plan B hosts music that is engaging and thought provoking local and national singer-songwriters known world-wide here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Plan B - 202 North Main Street - Broadway, VA 22815
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Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain
Boys Play The Strasburg Theater

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys were an August hit at the Strasburg Theater by Joe Herbert

It was to be the first real headline act to play the Strasburg Theater, and the standing room only crowd on Friday night were clearly intent on proving that they both wanted, and needed a show like this. Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys were indeed coming to Strasburg, and bringing well over a century of musical experience with them. Greeted with what would prove to be one of many standing ovations, Dr Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys overcame some poor lighting and a few noisy patrons to deliver what could be described as the best bluegrass show this reviewer has seen to date.

The Theater, which opened its doors to the public back in April of this year, couldn’t have picked a better night for it.  The weather was brilliant, and as the line formed outside, you could tell this was going to be a special night. Opening act Lee Blanton started things off with a very fine set of folk, blues and originals that piqued the interest of the audience as they continued to file in to the newly renovated theater. Next up was Charlottesville based Jay Pun and Morwenna Lasko, an acoustic guitar and fiddle duo that seems to defy categorization. Pun and Lasko incorporate a distinct, rhythmic style, accentuated with a chopping pizzicato that drew the audience deeper into their musical mosaic. One could pick up strains of bluegrass, jazz, classical, and even gypsy stylings during their mostly instrumental set, which brought a warm response from the now filled hall.

But the real reason everybody was gathered on this glorious summer evening was Bluegrass legend and Virginia native Ralph Stanley. Having gotten his start with brother Carter way back in 1946, it’s hard to believe that Ralph Stanley - who turns 80 in February - can still find the energy and passion to tour as extensively as he does. Of course having that new tour bus (paid for with the proceeds from the hugely successful 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou) certainly helps. But Dr. Stanley – he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Lincoln. MemorialUniversity back in 1976 - isn’t the only seasoned veteran on this bus.  Bassist Jack Cooke has been working with the Clinch Mountain Boys off and on for over 47 years, and will celebrate his 70th birthday in December. Guitarist and Tour Manager James Shelton joined up back in 1994, and banjoist Steve Sparkman took his place in the lineup a year later. Considerably younger was Ralph’s grandson Nathan Stanley, who at only 14 years of age not only played an excellent mandolin, but also brought a nice family touch to their 80 minute set.  Rounding out the lineup was newest member Dewey Brown on the fiddle.

Admittedly, Ralph Stanley doesn’t play the banjo nearly as much as he used to, but the 34-year-old Sparkman more than makes up for it with his old fashion ‘claw hammer’ style picking. Time and again, Sparkman, whom Stanley refers to as the only banjo player as good as himself, stepped to the microphone and delivered fluid, exciting solos that kept the sold out audience tapping their feet and clapping their hands. Shelton kept the band on time and on key with some phenomenal guitar picking, and is a clear stage leader in his own right. But it was perhaps newest member Dewey Brown who proved to be one of the best instrumentalists on the circuit today. Still only 24 years of age, Brown started out playing fiddle at age 9, and has already earned a host of awards and nominations over the years. Several times, Brown was singled out by Dr. Stanley for his fine playing.Not to be outdone, young Nathan Stanley brought a degree of expertise to his mandolin playing that’s rarely found in players many times his age.

Doing so many shows a year, the road can sometimes get rather boring, unless of course you’ve got a personality tossed into the mix, someone who can cut through the tedious doldrums of everyday travel. Clearly the joker of the bunch, the irrepressible Jack Cooke brings a nice balance to Dr. Stanley’s quiet, sometimes serious demeanor. Theater owner Steve Evans tells of how he met Jack for the first time, as the tour bus pulled up into the lot. “I walked over to the bus to greet the band, and out comes Jack, handing me this big stand up bass, and says to go ahead and put it on stage,” Mr. Evans said. “But I’m the owner of this place, I start to (jokingly) protest, and Jack says, ‘Well then, I know it’ll be in good hands!’ …I knew I liked this guy right away.”Cooke was so proud to finally have his own CD on sale, which was available at one of several merchandise tables set up at various spots around the Theater. The CD features a wonderful collection of old time songs, with an all-star line up of guest musicians, including Del McCoury, Ralph Stanley II and Mike Bubb.

Dr. Stanley will be the first to admit that he’s not a man of many words. But at times, that seriousness is truly appreciated. When Ralph broke into his solo a cappella version of Oh Death, (a huge hit taken from the O Brother soundtrack) I could feel the hair stand up at the back of my neck. His haunting, distinctive voice broke through and warmed the crowd like a knitted blanket on a cold December night. Listening to this voice, you knew this was the real deal. But Dr. Stanley is clearly willing to share the limelight with the others. The always-smiling Jack Cooke led the band with his high tenor voice on Long Black Veil. Even young Nathan had a chance to sing his own song, which went over very well with the crowd. Ralph led the boys on a few gospel tunes, including one from his friends in the Carter Family. The band’s version of Amazing Grace had the whole crowd rapt with their tight harmonies, and this seemed to just about wrap up the show.  But of course, there was just one more musical tune to be played, and when the audience heard the opening strains to Man of constant sorrow, that was all she wrote. As the musicians exited the stage, I asked Ralph if he’d like to do just one more for the crowd, who were up on their feet cheering. “No, I think we’ll leave ‘em wantin’ for more”, he stated in his typically understated style.

After spending some time backstage with the soft–spoken Dr. Stanley, I quickly came to realize that not only is he a legend, but he’s one first class gentleman. We talked about bringing back one of my favorites The little girl and the dreadful snake, which he admitted he hadn’t performed in a good many years. “Maybe we’ll bring that one back”.  I asked the good Dr. what he thought was the best part about touring, performing, traveling and living this musical life, and without a moment’s hesitation, he summed it up in two words: “The people.” Indeed, despite having played just the night before in Gettysburg, Pa, Ralph took the time both before and after the show to greet each and every fan who’d waited on line for their autographed pictures, CDs and memorabilia.

There was even an autographed banjo that Ralph had offered up for sale. Dr. Stanley also took many opportunities to speak with the audience from the stage, joking with his band, setting up lines for Cooke and Shelton, and allowing each of the members to have their time to shine. Perhaps the brightest moment came when Dr. Stanley thanked the audience for coming out, telling us how happy he was to be back in his home state of Virginia This brought yet another standing ovation from the appreciative audience.

While the music itself was certainly well received, the overall show was not without its setbacks. As James Shelton was quick to point out, the Strasburg Theater is perfectly situated at the crossroads of two major highways (I-81 and I-66) and is a viable stop over for just about any band or solo artist heading up and down the roadways. With a bit more attention to detail, the theater has almost unlimited potential. But the lighting and sound in particular will need to be fine-tuned, and the service left much to be desired.  I heard several patrons complaining about the wait, general admission seating, and people talking during the performance.

Seating all diners at once also led to confusion and chaos around the bar area.  Perhaps shutting down the bar during the performance would be a start.  This might actually cut down on some of the idle chatter from some of the more clueless patrons.  Mr. Evans assured us that he’s working on all aspects of the theater, in an effort to bring more high-caliber entertainment.With time, hopefully, we’ll see less emphasis on the bar and more on the show itself.

We’re all very fortunate to have someone like Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys come and play at the Strasburg Theater, as there is nothing like it in the entire Shenandoah Valley.  To pull a quote from former Governor Mark Warner, “Ralph Stanley is not only a Virginia legend, he is a national treasure.”

Joe Herbert is a singer-songwriter who lives in Strasburg,

If you have a bluegrass group and you'd like to get involved in creating more live music venues in the Shenandoah Valley give us a call. We are always in need of bluegrass bands to play at events, weddings and corporate gigs etc... email

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Melissa Wade, from Knoxville, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, fronts the band and writes most of their original material. She is also an accomplished pianist and piano instructor. She brings to the band many years of performance experience in a variety of musical styles.

Philip Coward, from Knoxville, on mandolin, lead acoustic guitar and vocals, shares leadership duties in the band and contributes to their signature energetic show. He also co-writes and arranges much of the group's original material and has performed in various bands for almost 30 years, one of which toured overseas with the USO in the 1970's.

Classically-trained violinist and virtuoso fiddlers, sisters,  Laura Knight and Cindy Wallace light up the band's stage show with lively fiddle tunes as well as beautiful string arrangements on their slower numbers. They have performed in many bands, including Wild Mountain Honey, and The Wallace Sisters.  Their credentials also include many years at Dollywood theme park.

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When it comes right down to it, we all want the same thing, right? To be given a chance, to be heard, to be loved. To connect with other humanoids on some level, however small, and find reason to believe that we're not as alone as we sometimes feel. To take our muse from the safety of the living room to stages far from home, to find our voice and sing our song . . .

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Thanks so much, Grassroots Networking, for linking us up in so many ways and so many places! We can't wait to see what the future holds, to grow our relationships and to tell more music biz people what great things you are doing.

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