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The Big Daddy of the Blues in the Shenandoah Valley join our Shenandoah Valley Musicians network.

Scott Murray - Folk & Blues Shenandoah Valley

Scott Christopher Murray is an accomplished singer/songwriter and a veteran of the acoustic music scene. Raised in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Scott grew up absorbing its rich story-telling tradition and Appalachian music legacy. His first album "The Old Man Dreams," a collection of original material, was a regional success. learn more

Harrisonburg VA Blues Music

We host an open Music Jam Sessions in The Shenandoah Valley. During these 3-4 hour shows we feature local musicians as "guest performers" and we provide a "host band" to open the show and provide backing as needed for our jammer friends.

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Shenandoah Valley Jazz

Bucky Clark is looking for a few good musicians

Call Bucky at 540-943-2802

We would like to say thanks to Bucky Clark for helping to raise the bar for so many of us here in The Shenandoah Valley.... The Folks at

Virginia House Concert Series
Shenandoah Valley Musicians

Jazz, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Swing and more.
ShenandoahMusic.coms' growing list of network musicians
will perform at your home, office, weddings, anniversaries or festivals and more

Rick Harris Jr. - Luray VA Blues Musician

Rick Harris, long time Shenandoah Valley resident and versatile musical
talent. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, name it, Rick can play it.
Also, a very talented and prolific songwriter as well.

"Rick Harris is a GREAT blues man as well"

Looking for live music? Then e-mail us your musical needs at:
Musicians looking for gigs call 540-984-8190

Hey Everybody. has been the catalyst for getting business and artists to start working together here in The Shenandoah Valley and beyond since 1996.

Barrelhouse Bonni
Bonni plays and sings the blues

"There’s plenty of Blues around the valley. With such great musiciains as Rich Harris's Jr., Scott Murray and Lee Blanton, Bucky Clark and the many fine musicians that are sent out to play events and House Concerts in The Shenandoah Valley and beyond by" Barrelhouse Bonni

Open blues jams are held which give local blues musicians and signers the opportunity to perform. All types of blues players are encouraged to participate – acoustic and electric, amateur and professional.

Each summer, presents a blues talent competition in conjunction with annual blues festival. The competition is designed for unsigned blues performers to compete for cash and prizes, including the chance to represent the International Blues Challenge in Chicago held once every 10 years.

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School of Rock Winchester VA

Phil Zuckerman -
Winchester VA School of Rock - Guitar Lessons Winchester VA

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When it comes right down to it, we all want the same thing, right? To be given a chance, to be heard, to be loved. To connect with other humanoids on some level, however small, and find reason to believe that we're not as alone as we sometimes feel. To take our muse from the safety of the living room to stages far from home, to find our voice and sing our song . . .

OK, thus go the mental ramblings of an artist. Thanks to Mark Barreres and Grassroots Networking for turning dreams and ramblings into real results and even - dare we say it -  money. Yes, the "M" word. We in Wild Blue Yonder are not afraid to say that we appreciate being paid for our art, and Mark's "connect the dots" system is already making that happen for us. We haven't been affiliated very long, but already hits on our website are up and new connections are being made daily.

Thanks so much, Grassroots Networking, for linking us up in so many ways and so many places! We can't wait to see what the future holds, to grow our relationships and to tell more music biz people what great things you are doing. -
Philip Coward Wild Blue Yonder

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