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"I propose to create a Civilian Conservation Corps to be used in simple work… more important, however, than the material gains will be the moral and spiritual value of such work." Franklin D. Roosevelt March 9, 1933 -

The Great Depression, Displaced Mountaineers, and the C.C.C.

America was in the grip of the Great Depression when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated in March of 1933.  More than twenty-five percent of the population was unemployed, hungry, and without hope.

History of the CCC

The CCC program was considered President Roosevelt's pet project, and before the end of his first day in office as president, he had put his idea into action. Five days later he called six men to the White House the secretaries of war, interior, and agriculture, the director of the budget, the solicitor of the Department of the Interior and the judge advocate. These agencies would work together at different levels to create the corps.

In his acceptance speech, the President said, "There are ten millions of acres east of the Mississippi alone, in abandoned farms, in cutover land now growing up in brush. It is clear that economic foresight and immediate employment go hand in hand in the call for reforestation of these vast areas. In so doing, employment can be given to a million men."

The New Deal measure known as "an act for the relief of unemployment through the performance of useful public work," was passed by Congress and signed by the president before the end of the inaugural month.

The prominently recognized facets of the CCC
legacy cover a wide range of items

  • Three Billion trees were planted to help reforest America 

  • Modern tenants of conservation are an outgrowth of the conservation work begun by the CCC.

  • The 1st fire fighting training methods were initiated at Camp Roosevelt in Fort Valley, Virginia.

  • Constructed public roadways and buildings. One of the most recognizable examples in the central eastern United States is the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park

  • Soil conservation was taught to private citizen as well as implemented on government land. The dust bowl of the Great Plains hampered agricultural output for many years.

  • Built and operated fish hatcheries which replenished the species killed by unfavorable conservation practices.

  • Reintroduced wildlife to depleted area. The regional deer population was depleted and Camp Roosevelt enrollees went to Pennsylvania and returned with mating pairs.

  • The boys supported their families by earning $30 monthly through the distribution of a $25 financial allotment to home. More info >>>

Edinburg Virginia's Role in the CCC

Edinburg VA had a Civilian Conservation Camp. In 1933, as part of the President Roosevelt's New Deal program, the seventh C.C.C. camp was established for blacks and located at Wolf Gap near Liberty Furnace. The C.C.C. camps used unemployed young men to help foresters in the conservation and development of natural resources. A recreation area enjoyed by people from all over the country was established at the site of old Camp Roosevelt in the center of Fort Valley.

Today Edinburg VA is a Charming, Friendly town with quiet Neighborhoods and Beautiful Views. Come see what small town life is all about. You just might want to live here.

Come visit Edinburg soon. Off this page you will find places to stay and some of the best places to see and things to do in the Shenanodah Valley of Virginia. The Town of Edinburg VA

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The Heritage Center is operated by the
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society

Harrisonburg Rockingham Historical Society
The Heritage Center is operated by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, an organization that has itself existed for more one hundred years

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Preservation Of Historic Winchester, Inc.
(540) 667-3577

Preservation of Historic Winchester, Inc.(PHW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1964 to preserve the Lower Shenandoah Valley's cultural heritage including buildings, archeological sites, open landscape, battlefields, and artifacts. The membership-based organization achieves its mission through advocacy and a variety of programs, services and special events.

Civil War in The Shenandoah Valley
The Valley Campaigns of 1864 were American Civil War operations and battles that took place in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from May to October 1864. Military historians divide this period into three separate campaigns.

Shenandoah National Park - Farms of The Shenandoah Valley
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