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Wolfgang Neudorfer

Original artwork in various mediums

Wolf Neudorfer, retired after 30 years with the Department of Interior, is a lifelong artist living in Shenandoah County. He has been drawing and painting the local landscapes for over thirty years. He also does portraits, still-lives and works expressing concern with social issues and the environment.

Neudorfer works in oils, watercolors, pen-and-ink and pastel. His style is realism, but with a soft edge. His collection includes landscapes of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, South Carolina and Maine. - more info


Long Island Art Group

Long Island Arts Forum - Long Island Musicians Forum - Long Island Musicians

Creative interpretations and original artwork by Joel Grant: oils,
watercolors, pastels. Call 864-384-5437


Fine Sculpting - Etching Glass - Granite Art - Marble Art - Wood Art
Artist James August Warsing


Fine Sculpting by John Fisher

John Fisher started drawing cartoon characters at the age of seven. As he grew older it became evident that he was gifted as an artist.  In high school he became very interested in portrait and figure drawing.  He tried sculpture in soap and wire as well as clay. It was apparent that John had extraordinary ability to reproduce the human form in exceptional detail.

Even though John was self taught, he sought advice from a portrait artist. With his assistance John was able to sell several of his works of art. John attended a class in portrait sculpture instructed by Charles Flickenger, an artist who taught at the Cocoran in Washington DC. By the end of the second session John was helping Charles teach the class.

We are looking forward to working with John Fisher and are happy to welcome him as a member of The Shenandoah Valley Music and Art Network.

John Fisher fine art call 540-335-8190


Kim Juda

Artists that have extraordinary ability to reproduce the
human form in exceptional detail.


Gene Taylor

Gene was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in northern Virginia. "Throughout my early years my family would 'head for the mountains' almost every weekend from spring through fall. The mountains were the Blue Ridge Mountains and they still retain the same magic and beauty I felt and saw as a child.”

In 1983 Gene moved to Woodstock, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley where he established a studio, darkroom and gallery. "I was drawn once again to the special combination of gentleness, beauty and timelessness of Virginia's mountains and valleys. The changes of season, weather and quality of light provide an endless source of visual pleasure.” -
Shenandoah Valley Photography