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The Dahlonega GA Connection Group is a grassroots business networking organization that provides community focused small business networking online and offline for area professionals with the objective of encouraging small business networking opportunities in a changing economy.

It's NOT about the technology! - Human Generosity and Participation
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Dahlonega Georgia Classified ads gives the public and business advertisers a unique opportunity to put their message in front of a broad range of people. We offer free Dahlonega commercial classified ads.





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In 2015 the buzzword is TEAM PLAYERS

KEEP IN COMMUNICATION with team playing business networkers. Do NOT waste a LOT online signing up for every social network you can find... We are living in a world where everyone is connected but very few people work together. Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good team player!

A few of us can and DO make a difference!____________________________________________________________________________________

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Dahlonega GA Wedding Wedding Services

Dahlonega, Georgia Photography
From weddings to speical events to marketing your business with fine photography
our local Dahlonega GA photographers take care of it all.
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Atlanta Georgia Wedding Services
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Dahlonega Gold Museum, Dahlonega, Georgia
Discover Historic Dahlonega, Georgia Chamber of Commerce
City of Dahlonega - Dahlonege Weather Updates - Atlanta Real Estate

Appalachian Outfitters - Dahlonega Georgia - 706-864-7117


Georgia Musicians for Hire

If you are looking for musicians to perform at your home, office, weddings, anniversaries or festivals in Dahlonega and the surrounding areas email us at shenanandoahmusic@hotmail.com

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The Buisson Arts Center

Encompassing one city block in downtown Dahlonega,The Buisson Arts Center was once the historic Dahlonega Baptist Church.

The church offices have been converted to offices and studios that host a variety of art organizations. The recreation hall has has been converted to a gallery and is the host for dinner theater,improvisations and a showcase for regional artists.

The Dahlonega Arts Council's (DAC) mission is to create an environment supportive of the  arts through art education. The Center features a gallery of works of local members of the Dahlonega Arts Alliance and provides a venue for live theater and music programs. PO Box 784, Dahlonega, GA 30533-0784

Downtown Dahlonega Hosts Appalachian Jams
Enjoy Acoustic Mountain Music in Historic Downtown

North Georgia’s mountain music pickers and singers flock to the Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site every Saturday from 2-6 p.m.  Listeners and musicians alike will enjoy the acoustic bluegrass and old time string music on the Public Square every Saturday.

Dahlonega’s “Appalachian Jam” is produced by Dahlonega’s Downtown Development Authority and Better Hometown Program. The events are made possible with support from the Georgia Council for the Arts’ Grassroots Program, the Bear on the Square Mountain Festival Committee, the Appalachian Studies Center at North Georgia College & State University, the Wiggins Group for Traditional Music, and the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The events are hosted by the Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site and are presented in cooperation with the Dahlonega Merchants Association. For information, contact the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Crimson Moon Cafe

Known as “the southeast’s most intimate music venue,” The Crimson Moon Cafe is the second oldest commercial building in Dahlonega and offers an intimate ‘dinner theatre’ style entertainment experience in a 75 seat venue.

USA Musicians Networking by USA

The Fudge Factory - 8 N Park St, Dahlonega, GA

The Fudge Factory was established in 1982 and is a family owned candy business specializing in homemade confections. The Fudge Factory is one of the favorite stops for local citizens and visitors to Dahlonege. The owners have combined quality ingredients and great recipes to create some of the BEST tasting products you will find anywhere.

8 North Park Street Dahlonega, Georgia 30533


USA Custom Built Guitars

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USA Musicians Networking Forum

Americana Rhythm Magazine
Featuring Music of the Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia and the Blue Ridge.
When you advertise your Shenandoah Valley business with Americana Rhythm you help support the musical talent of the Valley in which we live.

Featuring local and regional artists, events, venues, and related stories of interest. Americana Rhythm will bring together the richly talented local music community and provide a vehicle from which a broader audience of fans will be able to access that community and appreciate it's talent. www.americanarhythm.com/

The Shenandoah Connection Network is looking to work with the new and existing small business, musicians, artists, and advertising groups in Georgia and beyond. It's all about networking! Call Mark Barreres at 540-984-8190


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