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Give us a call at 540-984-8190

Rock Room Winchester Virginia

The Rock Room is an opportunity for musicians, who have already learned the basics, to meet, form bands, learn songs, live performances. Classic Rock, Blues, Alternative, etc..For guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers. Music reading is not required.

Classes are one hour a week for 12 weeks followed by a live performance

For more information, schedule an audition, or contact Phil Zuckerman - 540-514-0788 -

Sessions are one hour per week for 12 weeks. - Financial assistance is available for qualified applicants. - All applicants are amateurs playing for fun.


This class is for those guitar players who have successfully completed basic lessons or classes and wish to advance their playing skills and musical background.  Participants will choose and explore their choices from a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, and rock.  They will use MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) technology and free software to expand play-along opportunities for practice at home.  Emphasis is placed on meeting individual player goals and maximizing performance time.

You will need a six-string guitar, music stand, and tuner.  Music and related materials will be provided in class. 

For questions or additional information, please feel free to call Dave Lewis at 540-856-2713

with instructor Dave Lewis

Guitar Lessons in Winchester VA

Phil Zuckerman - Guitar Instructor
Winchester, VA. 22601
Phone 540-514-0788

Guitar Lesson Information

Thank you for inquiring about guitar lessons. Please call after reading the enclosed information to schedule a no pay consultation or guitar lessons. Lessons are held beside Shenandoah Music Store. I meet once a week for a half hour lesson. I can schedule a no pay consultation to test students under the age of 13 to determine if they are ready to start guitar lessons..

I specialize in helping beginning students to learn chords and strumming patterns, which is what guitarists do most of the time. This prepares them to be able to play along with recordings or other musicians. If the student is interested in something else, I am happy to discuss that with them. I teach rock, blues, alternative, country, popular music.
The lesson fee is $100 per month. Family discounts are available.

I have been teaching at Shenandoah Music Store since 1986. I also do guitar repairs for the store. I have played as a professional musician since 1965 in various bands. I am a graduate of James Wood High School and attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 1974. I was born and raised in Winchester.

Musical Instrument Dealers Shenandoah Valley





PH. 434-295-6360

Charlottesville Guitar Lessons - Charlottesville Mandolin Lessons - Charlottesville Bass Lessons Charlottesville Music Theory Lessons - Charlottesville Harmonica - Lessons - Guitar Workshops

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with instructor Mark Barreres

If you've never played the guitar and want to learn how, this class is for you!  Start from scratch and methodically learn the basics of guitar playing.  If you have played before, you may take this class as a refresher course or just to review the basics.  My GOAL IS TO MAKE GUITAR PLAYING FUN!

You will learn:
-- to play at least 10 basic chord fingerings;
-- strumming and finger techniques for accompanying songs;
-- a variety of songs and styles;
-- basic skills, terminology, and theory.

You will play:
-- natural and accidental notes in the First Position;
-- arpeggios in the First Position as time permits;
-- chord accompaniments:
      ** strumming in 3/4, 4/4 time;
      ** arpeggio accompaniments in 3/4, 4/4 time.

Mark Barreres 540-984-8190

Musical Instrument Dealers Shenandoah Valley

Jazz Improvisation Workshop

at TAG (The Art Group)
5906 Main Street (Route 11),
Mt. Jackson, VA.

One of the most exciting musical activities for performers and listeners is improvisation. This workshop will provide an introduction to the skills of basic improvisation. It is designed to enhance the performer's ability to improvise and will provide participants with the opportunity to perform vocally or instrumentally during each class as soloists and as members of a combo.

This introductory workshop in the techniques of jazz improvisation is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists who have an intermediate level of proficiency on their instrument. Reading ability is not a prerequisite. Emphasis is placed on listening and self-expression in the jazz and blues idiom.

The workshop conducted Dave Lewis will be held at The Art Group, 5906 Main Street (Route 11), Mt. Jackson, VA. Cost is $80.00 for 8 one-hour sessions. For questions or to sign up, please call

Dave Lewis at (540) 856-2713

The Art Group / Jazz Work Shop

P.O. Box 676 Mt. Jackson Virginia 22842

For questions about workshop content or methods, please feel free to contact Dave Lewis at (540) 856-2713

Bucky Clark Saxophonist and Teacher in Charlottesville VA

Saxophone Lessons By One Of Virginia's Most Intuitive Jazz Saxophonists. For Intermediate To Advanced Students

Once you have a clear concept of how to play the saxophone, your experience playing the horn will be a happier and more satisfying one. That is the beauty of music, you never stop learning.

I occasionally get mature students who come to me after having played for a good while or even a lifetime, who are dissatisfied and frustrated with their playing. In most cases I am able to help such students.

Bucky can help you achieve your goals....

Take a listen to a few shorts from Bucky Clark - 1 2 3

Bucky can help you achieve your goals....
If you are looking for a sax player to plug into recording or gig.
Bucky is the man to call.

Call Bucky at 540-241-0924

Session Musicians C'ville - Sax Lessons in Charlottesville VA
Musicians for Weddings and Events Charlottesville VA
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Charlottesville Piano Company
Fine Pianos Since 1907

Charlottesville Piano Company is one of America's oldest piano restoration companies. For three generations and 100 years, the Shaw family has been rebuilding the finest vintage Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and other fine grand pianos.

Charlottesville Piano Company offers vintage Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grand pianos, lovingly restored and beautifully refinished. Since 1907 and through three generations in the same family, we have been one of America's premier piano rebuilders. We take the same great care in offering other fine pianos and piano

About Us - History - Pianos for Sale - Piano Restoration - Piano Appraisals
We Buy Pianos - Flood Damage - Location/Contact

Piano Restoration Virginia

Piano Sales Harrisonburg VA - Piano Sales Staunton VA - Piano Sales Shenandoah Valley

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Electronic Pitch Pipe

Most musicians remember tuning their instrument with a pitch pipe... a small set of pipes or a circular device that you would blow air through to get the pitch you need -- this was before the invention of digital technology. Then we had tuners with needles and you could play a note with your instrument or voice, and the needle would tell you if your pitch was sharp or flat.

Now we have digital tuners with lights that let us know when we are in tune. This works well for one person tuning an instrument or checking the pitch of a voice. A while ago a company that actually manufactured metronomes inside the united states of America manufactured an item called the Franz IMP 2000 Integrated metronome & pitch pipe. This item was widely used by singing groups such as Sweet Adelines, barber sharp quartets, and other choral groups... but sadly is no longer manufactured as Franz is no longer in business.

The IMP 2000 had a loud pitch with a great design for hearing the tone momentarily. The Intelli IMT1000 is now the closest available mass produced item that has many features of the Franz IMP 2000.
For more info on the Franz IMP go to .

We now have a modified metronome that directly copied all of the features of the Franz IMP2000... We have modified the Matrix Mr 600 Metronome/Pitch pipe. View by clickin on the the following link -
Electronic Pitch Pipe

The case is a little larger and the volume is a little lower, but all of the other features are identical and some improvements have been made...

The numbers do not wear off of the case as a clear dial protects the lettering.

The lettering has been much larger on four of the notes C - E - G - B ... these are 1/2" high... you can see these from several feet away .... you can use these as guides to get to all of the other notes.

The Matrix MR600 has been extremely dependable and has the lowest problem rate of all of our metronome - pitch pipes.

You can order with 2 different type of switches ...
1) a momentary contact switch --- press the button the sound comes on... let go of the switch and the sound goes off or
2) a push button switch that you press and the sound stays on even when you let go of the button... press the button again and the sound goes off..

Matrix  MR600-M Modified Pitch Pipe - Intelli IMT-301 Five in One Digital Metronome / 
Tuner /Thermo- Hygro Meter & Pitch Pipe
- - Intelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - 
(Pitch Pipe) & Metronome
- MetroAmp Ampifed Pitch Pipe

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Artist James August Warsing

The Warsing name and talent is not new to the world. It is out of Europe and goes back 500 years. His exhibitions are numerous: South Florida, Vancouver, Australia, and Texas to name a few. James has presented his glass etchings around the world. The harness horse racer sculpture was shown at the Historical Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming at its 108 years of Frontier Days 2004. James, himself, has over 28 years of experience in artwork. Fine Sculpting/Etching Glass, Granite, Marble, and Wood Art

Corporate Art by Commission
sculpture art, portraits, reproductions and more...

Looking for an artist to commission for fine art for offices, homes designers, or the corporate sector and private collector? Call 540-984-8190

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Corporate Art by Commission

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