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His musical educational experience includes having studied at Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, Virginia Commonwealth University, Berkley College of Music, and James Madison Universiy. In 1975, he graduated from the Army Element School of Music at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk, Virginia. After which, he was sent to New York City as a member of the 26th Army Band at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, New York, where he performed in the Concert, Marching and Dance Bands and also the 26th Army Jazz/Rock ensemble,called the ''The B.Q.E.'' He also studied privately with Frankie Sokolow a seasoned New York City muscian and former member of the Artie Shaw Band and Stan Kenton Band.

Bands Bucky has been a member of since 1978 are:

1978 - 80 Equinox (out of Harrisonburg, Va.)

1981 - 82 The Madisonians (collage touring show from James Madison University)

1982 - 83 Pillow Talk (Nashville)

1983 - 84 Bucky Clark Jazz Quartet (formally, Bucky Clark and The Vita - Men)

1986 - The Rhythm Rats (toured six states)

1987 - The Stains (toured five states)

1989 - 92 Joe Pettus and The Fabulous Classics

1993 - 98 Regular Joe (formally The Belligerent Brothers)

1995 - 01 Blue Suede

1998 - 01 The Dinah Pehrson Band

2001 - 05 Royal Blue ( played a show called The Great American Music Review at Massanutten Mountain Resort for four and a half years )

2006 - Bucky presently has a group called Bucky Clark and The Clear Blue Train

* These are just some of the bands Bucky has been a member of. Earlier bands from the sixties up to the late seventies (1977) have not been included.

Saxophone Lessons By One Of Virginia's Most Intuitive Jazz Saxophonists. For Intermediate To Advanced Students

Once you have a clear concept of how to play the saxophone, your experience playing the horn will be a happier and more satisfying one. That is the beauty of music, you never stop learning.

I occasionally get mature students who come to me after having played for a good while or even a lifetime, who are dissatisfied and frustrated with their playing. In most cases I am able to help such students.

Bucky can help you achieve your goals....

Bucky can help you achieve your goals....
If you are looking for a sax player to plug into recording or gig.
Bucky is the man to call.

Session Musicians C'ville - Sax Lessons in Charlottesville VA

Call Bucky at 540-241-0924

Old Timers Still Got It
-by Cyrus Waters

Over the past several years, I’ve been pleased to notice how many “old timers” remain active in the Shenandoah Valley music scene. When I first moved to Strasburg, I saw a small ad in the local paper that mentioned a “Blue Grass Jam” at the local American Legion. Being a fan of bluegrass, I decided to head over and check things out. Well, the place was packed, and there were at least 10 performers onstage, all jamming out on some old time favorites. They had fiddlers, banjos, a stand up bass, mandolin player, and of course the ubiquitous guitarists all lined up onstage, and everybody was clearly having a good ol' time for themselves. The players would take turns on leading the songs, and the crowd was very responsive and involved.

After looking around, I began to notice that many of the performers were “of a certain age”, but nothing was going to slow them down from what I could see. The best thing about being a musician is that, unlike sports figures, you can continue to grow old, and still perform at the peak of your skills. In fact, many of the musicians we grew up listening to are still performing on stages throughout the world. Like fine wine, musicians seem to only get better with age.

A few months ago, I was fortunate to run into one such player, who’s musical resume was quite extensive and equally impressive. Bucky Clark has been playing the saxophone since he was just a 12- year old kid, and in his 40 odd years of performing, he’s covered more ground than many of us can imagine.

Jazz, Blues, Swing, Rock, even Country, Bucky Clark does it all, and he does it with flair and style. His musical education has been a long road, as he jokingly makes reference to his many stops in “at least 8 or 9 colleges along the way”. Among these was a stint at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Shenandoah Music Conservatory, James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as the Army Element School of Music in Norfolk, VA. His live experiences have been equally varied, having played stages from New York City to Boston and now, right here in Charlottesville Virginia.

Bucky does more than just play sax however. He’s the consummate showman, who knows how to get a crowd to sit up and take notice. His unique style and broad ranging musical background assures the listener that they’re at the right place, at the right time. In short, he just makes it fun to be there.

In addition to playing out at select area venues, Bucky also teaches saxophone in Charlottesville. He’s been able to help even the more experienced saxophonists to improve their playing, and always welcomes beginners too. If you’re planning a wedding, graduation or any special occasion, and you’d like to spice things up with a high caliber musician who can keep your guests’ attention, give him a call:

Session Musicians C'ville - Sax Lessons in Charlottesville VA
Charlottesville VA Musicians

Bucky at 540-241-0924

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Ron Newsome Charlottesville VA Drummer/Percussionist


In Memory of Ron Newsome
1947 - 2012

Ron Newsome, Drummer/Percussionist, grew up in a musical household Influenced by his Mother, a professional dancer, and his Father’s mastery of the guitar, lead to his love of percussion.

Rhythm and music was a theme that began to take shape for him early on. Playing drums came naturally for Ron, who started at the age of 6 on oatmeal boxes and by the age of 10, he was playing on every piece on furniture in the house.

His parents realized that buying a set of drums was not an option, if they wanted to save the rest of the furniture in the house. Ron inherited those artistic genes and by 14 years of age had his own band and bookings.

Ron was a a “band” drummer. He possessed the social and musical skills necessary to glue a musical group together. He has been a member of, and, led many successful bands with his supportive professional attitude. One of the most successful Top 40 bands was "Sound Trek", which played all throughout Philadelphia for 10 years straight. After that, he played his way to Florida and joined the South West Florida Jazz Society where he had an opportunity to play and learn Jazz from many of the retired greats from the TV industry. Now a resident of Central Virginia, he brings his wealth of experience to a musically rich area.

"My ultimate goal", said Ron, "is to attain a level the likes of Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, and Anton Fig" "These legends not only could make drums swing, they could make them sing. "He further states: "I’ve been playing for many years but as I've often said: 'there’s always something new to learn'. I feel a good musician never finds complacency, never stops leaning; there's always room for improvement. "

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